Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ensuring return on your training dollars

Behavioural training is all about, yes, you got it, behaviour change. Think of the last time you changed one behaviour of yours.

Yes, go ahead, I will wait. Think of the last time you changed one behaviour of yours.

In all probability, it had the following components to it.

1. Motivation of either wanting not to hurt someone dear or wanting to do better at the workplace or at home and so on. Could also be to prevent embarressment.

2. Regular reminders (remember those assembly times at school when late comers stood on stage?)

So, what you really want after a behavioural change training programme is simple. Behaviour change. I can hear you think "yeah right! Easy to say, difficult to implement".

A simple and effective approach is to have a set of 5 behaviours listed for each participant captured on an excel file. Have the participants pick out buddies among themselves. Meaning, if both of us attend the programme, we can pair up as buddies to help each other.

After this, the process is quite simple. Let us say that one behaviour is to format emails that I send out daily (something I learnt in the programme) and you want to listen before you interrupt.

Everyday, before you go to sleep, for the next one month, we call each other and ask the questions. I read out your wish-list of behaviours as questions and all you are allowed to respond are yes or no. I record what you say and then you call me and ask me the questions.

After 10 days, you will see that the sheer embarrassment of saying no would have propelled us to develop the positive behaviours that we wanted to develop.

Do this for a group of 20 employees in your team. It never fails. 

This practice is based on the concept of peer coaching that is used in leadership development.


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